Keto Substitutions

One of the ways I have gotten through the first few months of keto is by using (and, in some cases, testing) substitutions for things that used to be staples in my diet. I wanted to share some of the things here that are new staples.

Rice – I use cauliflower rice for this. We buy it frozen and keep it on hand so that it keeps for a long time and is convenient.

img_1066Potatoes – Add your butter and cream to some cauliflower rice and pulse it through a food processor to make it creamy like mashed potatoes. I have also used red radishes for pot roast and home fries.

Pasta – We use spiralized zucchini or spaghetti squash when we want our spaghetti fix.

Milk – We use heavy cream or unsweetened almond milk.

Flour for baking – I use coconut flour and/or almond flour.

Sweetener for baking – We use liquid stevia and erythritol or Swerve which is a blend of the two. I prefer Swerve because it has a confectioner’s sugar, a granular sugar, and a brown sugar substitute. I recommend staying away from powdered stevia because it has bulking agents that are not keto such as maltodextrin.

Breading for cooking meat – We have used crushed pork rinds, almond flour, and the dry grated parmesan. They are interchangeable and mixable. We still love our chicken nuggets and we do just parmesan as breading for those (try that tossed with Frank’s Wing Sauce).

Chips to go with a meal – I use cheese crisps (cut a slice of cheese into four pieces and bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes), raw zucchini slices, or pork rinds. You can use pork rinds to make nachos.img_1040

Pizza crust – We now use a chicken pizza crust. Find the recipe here.

Sandwiches – We used these low carb wraps from our local grocery store when we first did keto two years ago. They are still relatively high in carbs (5g net carbs per serving) but they were a bridge for us to break our bread habit. Now, we use lettuce wraps or just go without the bread. We also do stuffed poblano peppers instead of burritos. img_1030

Ketchup – we switched to Heinz no sugar added. You can also make your own.

Barbecue Sauce – we use G. H. Hughes no sugar added barbecue sauce (I personally didn’t like the honey; it was too much of a fake flavor) or make our own. Alabama White Sauce is also a good solution for poultry and pork.

Peanut Butter – I have been a Jif girl my whole life until we went keto. We have switched to Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter. You want to find an all natural peanut butter with no sugar added. We also use peanut butter powder in baking and to flavor protein shakes from time to time.

To Thicken Sauces – Instead of flour or cornstarch, we use xanthan gum.

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