Today I struggled…

We started keto on June 1, 2018, but had a couple of cheat meals around my birthday at the end of the month/beginning of July. On July 6, 2018, my husband issued a 60-day challenge and basically told me he didn’t think I could stick to 20g net carbs a day or less. That was definitely the catalyst I needed to get motivated. We finished our challenge yesterday and I’m down almost 33 lbs since we started our keto journey.

With that said, today has been the hardest day for me since we started. I have had a massive craving for sweets and chocolate and came close to caving to the sugar demon.

To satisfy my sweet tooth, I will often make a quick chocolate mousse by adding some chocolate protein powder to whipped cream or I will make a batch of keto brownies. Today, I couldn’t find the energy to do any of that. While we were in the grocery store, I checked the candy aisle for some Lily’s chocolates and couldn’t find any or any keto-friendly chocolate option. The only sugar-free candy was Russell Stover or Hershey’s which had at least 30g net carbs per bag. I almost bought a bag of 92% cacao Ghiradelli squares with the thought that I would eat one or two squares (2g net carbs each), but I felt like I had let the craving get out of control and that I would eat the whole bag (approximately 50g net carbs).

I was disappointed in the lack of a healthy low-carb selection. I was going to break down and grab some of the candies that I saw. My husband talked me out of it by saying we would make brownies or something when we got home because he was concerned that what I was choosing would knock me out of ketosis and I would feel the effects for days to come.

As we walked to the checkout line, I saw a display of Quest Nutrition bars and got the chocolate brownie flavor (6g net carbs). It put me over my 20g net carb limit, but it was a much smarter choice than I was going to make and I’m proud of myself for making it.


I’m not advocating cheating on the keto way of eating because I know that adding an excess of carbs (especially sugar) will knock me out of ketosis and I will have to work to get back to where I am at. I’m glad that I could find a reasonable solution in light of the available choices and the pressure of the craving. Tomorrow is a new day where I can dust myself off and keep on going.

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