Keto Dog Food

img_1371Our dog Murphy has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He has undergone a couple weeks of chemotherapy with some substantial results.

We heard about Keto Pet Sanctuary on a YouTube video and were interested in their program centered around giving dogs with cancer a ketogenic diet as treatment with some impressive success stories. We knew how much better we felt following a ketogenic diet, and thought the same would likely hold true for our pets.  We did some research and saw that even most expensive ‘grain-free’ dry dog foods still contained large amounts of carbs and decided the best course of action was to make our own.  Using Keto Pet Sanctuary’s calculator (you do have to enter an e-mail address to access the calculator), we calculated the right amount of ingredients based on each dog’s weight.

We are using boneless skinless chicken breast, green beans, butter, and chia seeds in our food. We also decided to substitute chicken liver for some of the breast meat for added nutrition.  That is not recommended by the Keto Pet program as it will throw off the fat/protein ratio but we think the benefits of organ meat outweighs the negatives.  The calculator also suggests adding a vitamin supplement, but we haven’t started doing that yet as we are doing half homemade food and half dry food as a transition.

Keto Pet Sanctuary provides their food raw, but we cooked ours because we were worried about using raw chicken.  We calculate a week’s worth of meat, a fat source, and a vegetable for one of the dogs (we cook each dog’s food separately because there is a 20-pound difference in their weight), and then throw it in an Instant Pot to cook.  Then, we add chia seeds and transfer the food to our KitchenAid mixer to shred.  After shredding, we weigh the results and divide it by the number of meals.  For a week we will have 14 portions


We have been feeding them this food twice a day for almost a week, and they really seem to like it.

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