Thanksgiving Before Keto

This Thanksgiving is my first “eating” holiday on keto. While I plan to enjoy myself, I want to keep my carbs low, fat high, and protein moderate so that I do not feel so weighed down and sluggish after the meal.

Before I post this year’s menu with macros, I wanted to take some time to reflect on Thanksgivings past when the first order of business after Thanksgiving dinner was to take a nap to sleep off all the carbs and calories that I had consumed. Let’s take a look, shall we?

All the items below are approximated using standard serving sizes of foods entered into Cronometer (except where serving sizes are noted).

CaloriesProteinFatTotal CarbsNet Carbs
Roasted Turkey502.767.923.51.41.1
Gravy (1/4 cup)
Candied Yams418.84.59.681.273.7
Green Beans70.
Macaroni and Cheese446.119.523.738.636.7
Biscuits (2)298.74.816.632.631.4
Jellied Cranberry Sauce (2 tbsp)
Pecan Pie527.45.429.963.861.9
Chocolate Cream Pie437.17.622.750.748.3
Grand Total3268.8120.3168.1326.0305.5

I can’t believe that I used to consume so much food and so many carbs. With the keto way of eating, I aim for no more than 20 net carbs per day. My old Thanksgiving meal would be the equivalent of over 15 days’ worth of carbs! No wonder I felt like I had been hit by a truck after the meal was over.

Upon reflecting on this, I’m even more motivated to keep it keto this year!

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