Deeper State Keto – Day 0

I decided around Thanksgiving that I wanted to try the Deeper State Keto program after Christmas. Deeper State Keto is a strict 90-day program that allows for ten total carbs and meeting fat and protein macros. I let myself get way off track in December, I’ve gained back about 13 pounds, and I am ready to get back to the keto way of eating, so I am starting the program tomorrow.

My starting measurements are:

  • Weight: 250.4
  • Body Fat %: 51.0
  • Bust: 47″
  • Waist: 50.5″
  • Hips: 52.5″

My starting macros are:

  • Calories: 1679.18
  • Fat: 149.26
  • Protein: 73.96
  • Carbs (total carbs): 10

You can find my meal plan for week one here.

I am planning to write a daily blog post about my experiences on this program. I think it is going to be very challenging but I hope to gain a lot of knowledge about myself and the keto way of eating on this new journey.

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