Deeper State Keto – Day 3

Happy New Year! Since it is New Year’s Day, I started the day by reflecting on resolutions and goals. My goal for this year is to focus on my physical, mental, and emotional health. After several years of working and going to graduate school, I’ve finally graduated and have a bit more time for myself so I can fit in some relaxation and some workout time.

I was going to start weightlifting this week in addition to the DSK cardio, but I have been low energy for the last couple of days. This week, I am focused on cardio: 15 minutes on my stationary bike on the lowest tension. We will see what the rest of the week brings and I may add some lifting in next week.

I had so much more energy and less hunger today! I checked my ketones (blood) this morning and they were at 0.1. Not high but they are slowly coming back.

I had two bulletproof coffees in the morning and early afternoon and then kept myself busy helping my mom with some monthly and annual projects for church and didn’t eat lunch until 2 pm.

I got through the afternoon without hitting a wall like I have the last two days. I had a touch of gastric upset in the mid-afternoon but did not have to eat an extra snack.

I was very hungry around dinner, so I added a small Caesar salad which took me up to 12.6g total carbs and pushed me a bit over my fat, protein, and calories. I am pretty pleased with how I’ve felt today and how well I have stayed on course.

Today was the end of my week and a half vacation and I go back to work tomorrow. At least that will keep me busy and not as focused on food.

Here are today’s macros:

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