Deeper State Keto – Day 8

A couple of challenges today.

On Sundays, when my dad is home from work, we typically go out to lunch after church. Today, we went to Mission BBQ to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. It is extremely difficult to eat out while on DSK macros. That is something I am going to have to work on. My first challenge of the day led to my protein macro being crazy high.

I was hungry in the afternoon and drank some water with some Ketologic BHB salts (apple pear flavor) to see if that would help, and because I have been craving the flavor of apples. It held me through grocery shopping and chores this afternoon, but I hit a wall at about 6:30 and got really hungry. We ate our chili (this time without beans) and I still felt low and was craving chocolate. So, I ate one of the Slim Fast peanut butter cup fat bombs.

My macros for today are out of whack again, but this is a process.

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