Deeper State Keto – Week 2

Week one of the Deeper State Keto program is done and I am back to where I was around Thanksgiving before I started cheating. Obviously, based on the changes in my measurements, I was retaining a ton of water. I expect the loss to begin slowing this week.

My measurements today are:

  • Weight: 237.6 (down 12.8 pounds)
  • Body Fat %: 47.9 (down 3.1%)
  • Bust: 45″ (down 2″)
  • Waist: 46.5″ (down 4″)
  • Hips: 51.75″ (down 0.75″)

Last week, I had a hard time with hunger, so hitting the macro targets were not perfect. I am going to push through and hope that, now that the ketones are back in my system, that the hunger will slow down. I am also trying to add some bulk with low carb veggies like romaine lettuce and spinach. My macros this week are:

  • Calories: 1640
  • Fat: 144
  • Protein: 76
  • Carbs (total carbs): 10

You can find my meal plan for week two here. There is not a lot of variety because I am still trying to figure out what foods keep me most satisfied and which foods best meet my macro targets.

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