Deeper State Keto – Day 10

Today started with a doctor’s appointment. I’m really excited to get the results of my bloodwork back. I’ve had two rounds of bloodwork in the last year; one before keto and one after about 4 months on keto. All of my markers had improved but my cholesterol had increased about 50 points. I asked my provider if I could have another 3 months on my diet before trying a prescription, so I am hopeful everything has improved this time.

Part of my keto journey involves getting on track with preventive care which has been something I have neglected my entire adult life. This is a big deal for me because I get extremely anxious at the doctor’s office (especially the dentist). I’m trying to overcome that fear because my overall goal is to be as healthy as possible.

Today has also been the best from an eating standpoint on DSK. I haven’t been hungry and haven’t had to add in any snacks. I think my macros are the best they have been since I started the program on December 30.

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