Deeper State Keto – Day 19

Today has been a tough day. My cat has been sick for a couple of weeks. Today it became apparent that he needed some immediate veterinary care. My husband took him to our regular vet and then we had to make a trip to Cary to visit an emergency/specialty vet. As far as I know right now, he has a liver infection and there are some indications of liver failure. We left him at the hospital and came home. They are giving him some fluids and some other medicine to support his liver function. I’m extremely worried and a bit of an emotional wreck at the moment.

I had my keto coffee for breakfast and then 1/6 of a keto brick around 3. Then, we stopped at Longhorn for dinner and I had their wings and a salad. I should go eat something to get my macros on track, but I don’t feel like I can eat.

Hopefully tomorrow brings good news.

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