Deeper State Keto – Day 10

Today started with a doctor's appointment. I'm really excited to get the results of my bloodwork back. I've had two rounds of bloodwork in the last year; one before keto and one after about 4 months on keto. All of my markers had improved but my cholesterol had increased about 50 points. I asked my … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Day 10

Deeper State Keto – Week 2

Week one of the Deeper State Keto program is done and I am back to where I was around Thanksgiving before I started cheating. Obviously, based on the changes in my measurements, I was retaining a ton of water. I expect the loss to begin slowing this week. My measurements today are: Weight: 237.6 (down … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Week 2

Deeper State Keto – Day 7

Happy National Keto Day! I had every intention of staying on plan today until I learned that a local bakery was starting to sell Keto cupcakes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'm a sucker for new products and I like this business so I bought some cupcakes. They were fabulous! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Day 7

Deeper State Keto – Day 6

I could feel the ketone energy coming back today.m and I haven't been so terribly hungry. I had one bulletproof coffee for breakfast. For lunch, I had a six ounce burger on top of two ounces of romaine, one ounce of Asiago cheese, and 2 tablespoons of Primal Kitchen Greek dressing. It was tasty and … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Day 6

Deeper State Keto – Day 3

Happy New Year! Since it is New Year's Day, I started the day by reflecting on resolutions and goals. My goal for this year is to focus on my physical, mental, and emotional health. After several years of working and going to graduate school, I've finally graduated and have a bit more time for myself … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Day 3