Keto Dining Out: Longhorn Steakhouse

The second stop in my tour of local restaurants who offer keto options is Longhorn Steakhouse. In my opinion, steakhouses are the easiest for keto because all of them have salad, steak, and some type of steamed veggies. I find that Longhorn has the tastiest seasonings and the best-cooked steaks. I've posted a few meals … Continue reading Keto Dining Out: Longhorn Steakhouse

Keto Dining Out: Mission BBQ

I love to go out for dinner. Sometimes it's easier. Sometimes I'm tired of our home cooking. Since going keto, we have been doing research and experimenting at area restaurants to see how we can stay keto and still dine out. I wanted to share my research and my experiments and give reviews of restaurants … Continue reading Keto Dining Out: Mission BBQ