Loaded Cauliflower Bake

I have always loved loaded baked potatoes and loaded mashed potatoes, though. Everything is better with bacon, butter, and cheese, right? This recipe mimics a loaded baked potato. It has bacon, onion, sour cream, and TONS of cheese. It pairs well with any meat, but we like eating it as a side to steak for … Continue reading Loaded Cauliflower Bake

Mexican Cauliflower Rice

I love eating Mexican food. It has been easy for me to come up with keto substitutes for Mexican entrees, such as Mexican chicken or Carne Asada. Side dishes have presented more of a problem for me, because we don't eat rice and beans. This Mexican-style Cauliflower Rice fixes that problem for me. Here is … Continue reading Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Prepping for an Emergency

This week, a hurricane is expected to make landfall near my hometown. While we were preparing our supplies, just in case, it got me thinking that it may be helpful to compile a list of shelf-stable keto foods to get through an emergency where the power goes out like a hurricane or an ice storm. … Continue reading Prepping for an Emergency

Keto Lunches at Work

I have a very fast-paced and busy job and, if I don't have lunch prepared, I sometimes don't take time to eat until I get home from work. This isn't the healthiest or best solution because it leads to hanger. To combat this problem, I take my lunch heated in an insulated food jar (this … Continue reading Keto Lunches at Work