Weekly Meal Plan – 05/05/2019

Guess who's back?! It has definitely been a minute. The first quarter and a half of this year has been kind of crazy. In January, I had to say goodbye to my kitty. It was very sudden and unexpected, and was followed by a ton of emotional eating. After that, work continued to get crazier … Continue reading Weekly Meal Plan – 05/05/2019


Keto Dog Food

Our dog Murphy has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He has undergone a couple weeks of chemotherapy with some substantial results. We heard about Keto Pet Sanctuary on a YouTube video and were interested in their program centered around giving dogs with cancer a ketogenic diet as treatment with some impressive success stories. We knew how … Continue reading Keto Dog Food

Today I struggled…

We started keto on June 1, 2018, but had a couple of cheat meals around my birthday at the end of the month/beginning of July. On July 6, 2018, my husband issued a 60-day challenge and basically told me he didn't think I could stick to 20g net carbs a day or less. That was … Continue reading Today I struggled…