Deeper State Keto – Day 20

Today's eating was brought to you by pity party. I'm still having a hard time emotionally. My cat is a bit better but not out of danger. He was given a feeding tube today so he can start taking in some calories. The vet is monitoring his kidneys now because there are some symptoms of … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Day 20

Deeper State Keto – Week 3

Week two of the Deeper State Keto program is complete. I'm not satisfied with my week 2 and want to recommit to week 3 so that I can really see some progress. I also want to bring weightlifting back into my routine this week. Cardio will increase to 18 minutes of stationary bike twice this … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Week 3

Deeper State Keto – Day 14

This ends the second week of my DSK journey, and today's eating was way off track. Our local chocolate shop, Chocolate Creations, launched their keto and sugar free chocolates today, and I tried most of them. They had truffles, molded chocolates, and almond clusters. They also did chocolate dipped strawberries but I passed on that. … Continue reading Deeper State Keto – Day 14