Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day with your family and friends. I am truly thankful this year for many things. To name just a few: we survived Hurricane Florence with minimal damage, I am finishing my Master's degree in December, I got back into keto, and I started this blog to … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Keto Turkey Dressing

Now that dessert is complete, we focus on the big show and side dishes. What Thanksgiving dinner is complete without dressing? I have seen a number of recipes for keto bread. Since I  usually make my own cornbread to transform into dressing, I knew that keto friendly dressing would be possible. I was really excited … Continue reading Keto Turkey Dressing

Prepping for an Emergency

This week, a hurricane is expected to make landfall near my hometown. While we were preparing our supplies, just in case, it got me thinking that it may be helpful to compile a list of shelf-stable keto foods to get through an emergency where the power goes out like a hurricane or an ice storm. … Continue reading Prepping for an Emergency